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Project Overview

The goal: Create a platform that congregated all aspects of the pet adoption process into one streamlined process.

The plan: Build a feature set that includes finding the pet, booking an appointment to meet them, handling the paperwork and providing any tips to first time or nervous pet adopters.



Pain Points

• Deciding on search criteria while still managing to remain effective without being overwhelming.

• Creating a one size fits all application form so that everything a shelter or rescue could need would be doable through the site.


• Since one of the many critiques of pet adoption is often times the task seems overwhelming, creating an effective search filtration system wasn’t easy but it was fun. In the end, I believe keeping it simple is best so I chose type of animal, breed, and age. Not shown, however I would limit the age to range to puppy, adult, and senior so as to not overwhelm. Also I think excluding gender is best because in the end, you’ll love your new best friend no matter what.

• Since this was a fictitious passion project, I haven’t been able to implement the model, however I think designing a one size fits all form as seen beside (or below on mobile) would be crucial to increasing pet adoption. Allowing all shelters and rescues have a platform where everything is handled for them eases the stress on them, and the users.




Key Takeaways

User Feedback: I found during this project that user feedback is invaluable. There were many features that I either hadn’t imagined would be useful, or were conveyed in a manner that wasn’t clear enough to the user.

Organization: When ideating and building a project like this, you are not only considering the visual design, but the UI, as well as how it will connect with the real world. I found organization to be paramount in keeping me focused and efficient.

Research: Research always is and was very important, however when working on things such as building and contemplating how to implement an adoption form that could be used by many different businesses, I found research to not only useful, but far more engaging aswell.