Lex Logo


Lex Fridman is a former MIT AI researcher who now hosts The Lex Fridman Podcast. His podcast currently doesn’t really have a logo. I wanted to create something that had an icon that could be used for social media, with a bold and legible font for thumbnails and other promotional material. Lex is known for his suit and tie so I knew it would somehow have to be involved. The simple tie and shirt collar were the base for the icon, however alone they aren’t very intriguing. The waveforms felt very additive, they helped the icon stand out without taking center stage.

I wanted the font to have a futuristic space-esq vibe, but avoid the NASA style typefaces that are used so often today. The uppercase “LEX FRIDMAN” allows his name to be the main focus, whilst the lowercase “the” and “podcast” provide context as to what Lex does, and balance out the logo as a whole.


[Rough Drafts]