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[Fictitious Brief]

Trilobite is a manufacturer of outdoor equipment with an edge of urban style mixed in. They primarily make techwear that is highly functional in rugged outdoor settings but would not at all look out of place on the streets of LA, Tokyo, or New York. Their vibe is very monotone and sleek. They’re looking for a logo that isn’t loud and over the top. Think minimalist and understated with an undercurrent of cool that begs “what is that brand all about?”.


I wanted to create something that had an icon and a word mark that were both highly recognizable on their own, but complimented each other perfectly as well. This would enable the logo to be used in a variety of ways, as often is the case with clothing brands. I also wanted to keep everything as simple as possible to allow the logo to be represented effectively using a variety of print methods (screen print, embroidery, etc.). The icon is a simplified representation of a trilobite with enough spacing to allow it to be visible at any size. The brackets were added to allow the icon to stand out when used alone. I chose an italic font to represent the on-the-go mentality the company wants to represent. It’s based off of a font called Magion, but modified to look a bit more modern and sleek.


[Rough Drafts]